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By Gina Cinnamoni & Linus Cinnamoni

By Gina Cinnamoni & Linus Cinnamoni

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To the place in Helsingborg, Sweden, where artists and art lovers can meet and make business while having a pleasurable experience. With +10 years of experience in the art business we're your light on the way.

Our vision

The vision of Bellamonti Art is to help artists reach out in the art world and to help art lovers discover new art, since we are the only art gallery in Helsingborg welcoming all artists with open arms. We act as a hybrid gallery, meaning that artists can hire our entire gallery to a fixed fee, but we also invite artists that we believe have that little extra for commission only on sold artworks. 

If being in Helsingborg isn't enough, then we also produce one art book every year gathering promising global artists in an exclusive hard cover book, especially for art galleries and art lovers to find art they love and want to invest in.

for Artists


The founders of Bellamonti Art

Bellamontiart is run by us, the spouses Gina Cinnamoni & Linus Cinnamoni who became a couple in 2005 and who have discovered the love for art and antiques during our years together.

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