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By Gina Cinnamoni & Linus Cinnamoni

  • How can I apply to your Art Guides?
    You can fill in our application forms online. The link to the forms can be found below. World Art Guide 2024 (until the book is full). Later on you'll be able to apply for * World Art Guide - Abstract Edition. (Date N/A) * Nordic Art Guide 2025. (Casting Jan-Jun 2024) * European Art Guide 2025. (Casting Jan-Jun 2024)
  • Do I need to send all material when applying to your Art Guides?
    Yes, this is to make sure that all the information and material needed are ready when we are starting to out the layout together.
  • What are your requirements for the sent in photos of my art?
    You need to send in the photos you want to be published. How many this is depends on your chosen exposure level, but 1-8 is the most common. They need to be at least 2500x2500px and in .jpg/.jpeg or .tif/-tiff. If the artwork will be on a half page then a slight smaller image can work (see the photo below). The resolution should be 300 dpi. No corners, borders or background should be visible, only the artwork, unless it's a sculpture or the frame is a solid part of the artwork - for example if you've spray paint the frame or the artwork can't be separated from the frame without "violence".
  • What are required from my biography?
    You need to write your presentation in English and in third person, focusing on your last name (unless you are using an artist alias). It should be 180-230 words or 280-320 words if you're an Gold Artist. If you need inspiration and want to see what the former artists have written, click this link: Nordic Art Guide 2021/22 by CendorianPublishing - Issuu
  • How much does it cost to be in your Art Guides?
    Bronze: €400 + €100 VAT Silver: €600 + 150 VAT Gold: €800 + €200 VAT
  • What are the payment options?
    You can choose between Bankgiro (Sweden only) Bank Transfer, Paypal and Wester Union. Paypal and Western Union is only available to some artists outside of Europe. You need to get our OK, before choosing this. If you need to pay in partial payments, then contact us and let us know. In some cases this might be arranged.
  • Which currency do I pay in?
    We always use euro as we work mainly in the European market. Artists living in Sweden pays in Svenska Kronor (Skr, :-), but the currency is translated with the help of this calculator: Köp och beställ valuta - Snabbt och enkelt (
  • Why do I need to write my Personal ID?
    The only reason for this is to make the agreement legal and in case there are any problems with your payment. It's important that you, for your own safety, write the correct number, since the agreement is your safety net in our collaboration. We keep your information safe and never share it with anyone outside the company according to GPDR-laws.
Our Team

Responsible for Art Guides


Gina Cinnamoni, CEO

gina (at) | Phone: +46-708-616453


Linus Cinnamoni, VP

linus (at) | Phone: +46-705-883482

Gina Cinnamoni started her art career when she opened Galleri Cinnamoni in Helsingborg, Sweden in 2012. Since then she has exhibited her own art in several exhibitions, organized Skånes Fria Konstrunda in 2017, published three books and studied three years of Art History (BSC) at the university.  Gina speaks Swedish and English with some basic skills in French, Italian and Spanish.

Linus Cinnamoni started out in the art business while being an assistant at Galleri Cinnamoni 2012 - 2016 and at her own solo exhibitions. Linus started painting in 2016 and is now mostly known as @mrartnet on Instagram. His art was also curated by Marina Schiptjenko for Vår Salong in Helsingborg, Sweden. With his social media skills, Linus has a worldwide network of art collectors. Linus speaks Swedish and English with intermediate skills in Spanish.

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