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Even more changes for Bellamonti Art

As you may already know, there will be some changes at Bellamonti Art starting from the end of 2024. To be on the safe side, we are listing them again along with additional changes.

  • No rentals to artists except during the summer - Our experience is that summer can bring a significantly larger number of spontaneous visitors to the artists' exhibitions than during the rest of the year. For the rest of the year, Linus's art will hang in the gallery, along with art products from other artists.

  • Only two invited artists per year to the gallery - We will reduce the number of invited artists who are allowed to exhibit on a commission basis only, in order to create closer cooperation. The events that will remain are Book Release Exhibitions and the Christmas Salon - These exhibitions provide added value for those participating in our books and the Christmas Salon is a perfect opportunity for artists to take advantage of the packed Christmas display and with it, the Christmas shopping season. More events may be added. If so, this will be announced.

  • Linus takes over the art books and the majority of Bellamonti Arts' operations - As Linus wants to work more with his own art and eventually not work full-time as an apartment lessor, Linus will take over 90% of Bellamonti Arts' operations. This means he will be sitting in the gallery scouting artists for the Nordic Art Guide and World Art Guide, and art brokerage to companies. You will still be able to meet Gina in the gallery from time to time.

  • Gina passes the baton to Linus and is to start a new era in her life - It has been all about art for Gina for 12-13 years in the form of the gallery, university studies in art history, art books, etc., but her own creation, which once got her into the art industry, has been completely absent for 4-5 years. By entering an industry that requires less office time, she hopes to find her calling in something as dear to her heart as art has been during these years. Maybe she will find her way back to creating one day?

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