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Are you an artist? Do you want to exhibit your art at Bellamonti Art Gallery in Helsingborg?

If you are an artist looking to find new ways to reach out, we now offer you a chance to meet the audience in Helsingborg. Our gallery, Bellamonti Art, is located in the heart of central Helsingborg at Södra Storgatan 1, just below the Terrace Stairs/Kärnan and a 30-second walk from Helsingborg's main thoroughfare, Kullagatan aka. Kullagågatan.

Here are five common ways to use the gallery:

  1. Exhibit your art as an invited artist in your own solo exhibition. Every year we invite 4-8 artists, where we handle the hanging of the art, marketing, advertising, posters, drinks and snacks, and sales. All only against commission. We take a chance worth 3000-12000 SEK that you as an artist do not have to pay.

  2. Rent the gallery for a week and make the exhibition your own. This concept suits both you as a new artist and as a more established artist. With 13 linear meters of wall space, a wide display window, and several podiums, there's plenty of room for your own art. If you don't want to exhibit alone, invite a fellow creator/colleague. You decide the opening hours yourselves. Price from 4750 SEK incl. VAT. Link:

  3. Apply to our Christmas Salon. We organize at least two events per year. Our annual Christmas Salon with a vernissage at the same time as the Christmas window dressing in Helsingborg is a great way to experience Helsingborg's cultural aura. Link:

  4. Participate in one of our art books. Now that we also have a physical place to be, we can finally combine book releases of our books such as Nordic Art Guide and World Art Guide, with a physical art exhibition, where the Gold Artists get the first invitation. Subject to availability, Silver Artists and then Bronze Artists are invited. Everyone gets to participate with a work, preferably one of those shown in the book. Link:

  5. Show your art 24/7 for a year in our display window. With our perfect location in the middle of Helsingborg, there's no time to waste. On our 43-inch screen, there's room for 100 artworks to be shown around the clock, all year round. Want to change your work after 6 months? No problem! This option is perfect for you who can't physically show your works at Bellamonti Art, but still want a piece of the action. Link:

Utställning hos Bellamonti Art i Helsingborg med Agnes Hjalmarsson november 2023
Utställning hos Bellamonti Art i Helsingborg med Agnes Hjalmarsson november 2023

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