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Delay in both NAG23 and WAG 23

Unfortunaly we have been affected by printing issues. We discovered after started to send out the books to the artists, that Nordic Art Guide 2023 is darker than expected. Therefore we have paused the shipping and it's our hope that the printing company will send 500 new books. Also, we was informed by the printing company who prints World Art Guide 2023 (not the same as for Nordic Art Guide 2023) that they before shipping the books found an error in that had occured in the printing. The informed us only a few days before the books were supposed to be shipped. The new date is 25th of June, but I'm trying my best to speed up the process. I'm really sorry for this and trust me when I say that I'm doing my best to make sure that the problems are solved as soon as possible and as good as possible. It's in the interest of us all that the book series still holds a high quality. Although the artists who already have recieved the Nordic Art Guide 2023 have praised the book's quality and the participating artists, which I'm really happy for! Some of you have written after seeing the test print that some errors in your presentation have occured. We sent out the pdf-file 3 months ago for review and also published the news on Instagram to make sure that everyone had recieved the information. We could also see that everyone had recieved the email in their inbox. Therefore we weren't worried. We use an external graphic designer, so your information passes two extra stages from you to the the book. We also hire an external proof reader for your text as well an external cover designer. That's the reason for always sending out a pdf-file for review. You can never be 100% sure that the colour of your artwork will look 100% the same in the book. Many photos are in RGB, but when they are prepared for printing, they convert to CMYK which actually affects the colours. We will send out the books as soon as they arrive. If some of you urgently need a book or more, then I can send these to you. I would strongly advise though, that you should keep the books for yourself to show respect for your fellow artists. I know many of you have been waiting for a while and since the two books combined (which I had to take resposibility for myself, since Linus had to take a full-time-job) have 800 pages, 200 artists, approx. 1000 artworks and 50,000 words, it takes some time for both me, the graphic designer, the proofreader and the cover designer. This is also the reason that we always put an end date many months ahead in the agreement. With this said, the artist of the World Art Guide 2024 can expect the book to be out after the summer 2024, since I'm going to take a small break and consider if providing online courses and selling art to collectors from a handful of chosen artists will be a better way in the future. I'm once again really sorry for this, but I'm doing my best in this tough situation. All I ask for is a small portion of patience and a tiny bit of understanding, for art's sake. Kind Regards, Gina Cinnamoni - Bellamonti Art

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