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Nordic Art Guide 2023 will be released to the public May 1st.

Nordic Art Guide 2023 is a curated book by Gina Cinnamoni, featuring eighty-five artists from the Nordic countries as a guide for gallery owners, art curators, art dealers and art collectors in the Nordic region. But also for art enthusiasts with a fondness for contemporary art by living artists.

Focusing mainly on paintings, although photography and sculptures also are included, Nordic Art Guide 2023 shows you art as it is today, when it’s not created to be commercial, but to be inspiring and expressed by the needs and views of an artist’s soul.You will find works from talented artists such as Mikael Andersson Ljungblad, Susanne Broända, Johanna Elbe, Mathirae, Gabriella Norum, Eva-Lotta Rönndahl, Hélène Wachtmeister - and of course Kristine Pettersson, who was voted this year’s front cover artist with her “Mod”/”Courage” (2022).

Nordic Art Guide 2023 is the second book in the Nordic Art Guide series, published by Bellamonti Art. It’s curated by Gina Cinnamoni (b.1984), author, artist and former owner of Galleri Cinnamoni in Helsingborg, Sweden.

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