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Show your art in our display window 1 year, day and night

With our perfect location right in the heart of Helsingborg, there's no time to waste. On our 43-inch screen, there's room for 100 artworks to be displayed around the clock, year-round. During the summer, many tourists pass by, several events take place right outside our door during the Christmas display, and throughout the rest of the year, the people of Helsingborg and those who work here stroll around in their beautiful coastal city.

Moreover, our gallery is located right next to one of Helsingborg's most popular hotels - The Vault Hotel, with which we also have a collaboration.

Your work is displayed along with your name and contact details 24/7 for 5-10 seconds per showing.

Want to change your work after 6 months? No problem! This option is perfect for those who cannot physically display their works at Bellamonti Art, but still want a piece of the pie.

The investment is €15/month for one artwork and €25/month for two artworks, which is approximately 155 SEK and 260 SEK per month respectively.

This concept is highly recommended for you if you:

  • Have had an exhibition at Bellamonti Art

  • Are about to have an exhibition at Bellamonti Art

  • Live nearby and want to increase awareness of your art in your region

  • Live far away and want to reach a customer base that would otherwise be difficult, or nearly impossible to reach

  • Have digital works that couldn't be physically exhibited anyway

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